JH Business Advisors has an extensive network of advisors and professionals that are multiple segments that use their expertise to help realize mid-market deals. Our team includes tax, due diligence, and accounting professionals; attorneys; post-sale transition and operational teams; and venture capital and private equity professionals. In addition, the following processes attribute to our success:

  • Understanding our Clients – We dig deep into the client’s company to ensure proper representation of the business during the sales process; taking the time to listen and identify the client’s pre and post-sale objectives. In addition, the seller stakeholders are interviewed to help create a FAQs so as to reduce the time the client has to spend in front of potential buyers.
  • Building a Playbook – Our team develops a electronic library of documents comprised of financials, memorandums, pitch decks, executive summaries, and prospectuses.
  • Crafting a Marketing Strategy – JH Business Advisors develops a marketing package that most favorably represents the client’s business. We then actively market through numerous channels that include the private equity marketplace, venture capital groups, individual investors, and by proprietary initiatives before JH Business Advisors’ buyer list.

We prefer to work with its clients two to three weeks prior to going to market. This both ensures that the accuracy and effectiveness of the marketing materials, and allows us to present a consistent message through the sales process. Another crucial aspect of this upfront work in closely inspecting the client’s financial statements, which helps our team to determine profitability and identify whether the client’s financials should be normalized to better position the company.

Experts in the Industry

Leadership, sales expertise, and a client-centric focus distinguishes JH Business Advisors from its competitors and makes the firm attractive to clients looking for expert representation during the salve of their business. JH Business Advisors’ founder, Jason Horwitz, is an entrepreneur in the franchise restraint industry. Relying on his professional experiences, Mr. Horwitz has trained a support staff to appreciate the subtleties of the sales transaction and created a large network of professionals to support the transaction from start to finish. In addition, Mr. Horwitz has brought in a group of experts that have been involved in hundreds of prior sales, and will use that background to best prepare and market the client’s company for sale. Furthermore, the team at JH Business Advisors has a mantra of ensuring that its clients and their expectations come first, not their sales commission. To this end the team stresses the importance of paying attention to details and places a high priority on client confidentiality.

Acquisition Assistance

Whether you’re a seasoned buyer of companies that has merged a number of entities into your own, or you’re looking for a first time investment, JH Business Advisors is the partner you need to achieve success. Acquisition clients come to us in various forms, including those that are looking to buy a competitor in the space, those that have been contacted by another firm indicating they would like to sell and those that aren’t sure where to start, but would like to embark on an investment.

When it comes to handling the acquisition of a company, smart entrepreneurs know that you’re in the best position to be successful and close on a transaction if you have the right people backing you during the process. You need a team that understands the marketplace and is aware of trends and targets, solid deal makers that can keep the flow moving and a partner that has a team in place that can manage the entire process from start to finish without the need to outsource. That’s JH Business Advisors.

Acquisitions provide competitive leverage, new technology and know-how, new capabilities, access to new markets and other value-adding objectives. The key is valuing and structuring a sale correctly, mitigating risks and executing a well thought-out integration / transition plan. Since we’ve handled the acquisition process from virtually every vantage point, whether as buyers, sellers, founders looking to exit or as consultants, we’re in a position to provide assistance in a number of area, including, but not limited to:

  • Review of current marketplace deals
  • Valuation & analytics
  • Deal financing
  • Lead negotiations
  • Financial & strategic due diligence
  • Merger operations strategy
  • Post-transaction operations and transition services


Chances are that if your company is in the position to divest or sell at the mid-market level, you’ve probably seen your fair share of successes. And successful entrepreneurs know best that in order to be successful in business, you must put people around you to help promote growth and longevity. When it comes to exiting your business, that’s where JH Business Advisors comes in.

Not only can we facilitate the sale of a business using highly proven methods via a team of highly trained professionals, but we’ve acquired, sold and started up a number of companies ourselves. We’ve been right where you are today, so we are in the enviable position to help you build a strategy that best suits your needs. Why work with mid-market brokers or bankers that only understand the financial side of a deal when you can work with a team that understands both the financial and operational aspects of a transaction?

Before an exit strategy can be developed, one first needs to review the company’s foundation to ensure it’s at the right stage to promote a solid transaction. Then, it’s important for the Founders and Investors to agree on an exit that puts everybody in a position to be successful. But how do you know when the time is right to sell, and if the time is right, what’s the best process to follow to ensure your company, your employees, your investors and you are protected during the process?


The team of experts at JH Business Advisors/Sunbelt M&A focuses on M&A in many sectors, having represented and sold Large distribution, Wholesale, Medical, Restaurant, and Casino’s. We are aware of virtually all transactions available to those interested in merging with or acquiring, because of the nature of our previous deals.

Clients specifically find our advisory skills helpful with respect to buy side transactions because our Principals are some of these very same industry Entrepreneurs. They have acquired, sold and started up a number of Companies, and are well positioned to understand not only the economics of the deal, but the actual intricacies and operations of the target business. This is a rare skill that very few competitors can claim, and we find that it truly sets us apart.

Buy Side Services can come in a number of forms. We can help clients scale their nationwide footprint, consolidate and/or expand their categories and/or product lines. As an experienced team of experts fully entrenched in the industry, we offer a compelling, independent perspective to our clients that allow them develop their scale strategies. As a buy side advisor, we can identify marketplace trends, acquisition opportunities and assist in bringing to close potential transactions or transactions that are underway.

Our experts tailor their approach to the buy side of a transaction specific to each client’s needs. Some clients may need help identifying and lining up support services to assist with certain aspects of a transaction, while others may need the entire process managed. We are available for either of these opportunities and anywhere in between.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways we can help:

  • Due Diligence Management and/or Review
  • Pre and Post-Closing Strategy Development
  • Funding and Financing
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Initiating Target Discussions and Strategizing on an Initial Approach
  • Locating Targets
  • Target Valuation Opinions
  • Post-Sale Operations
  • Transactional Matters and Deal Closings

Business Valuations

Corporate valuations vary greatly depending on the industry. Luckily our qualified professionals help to value and prepare your business for eventual sale. Our value-added services include working directly with owners and management to substantially increase the value of your business in a short period of time allowing you to walk away with a higher exit multiple. This often means expert consulting in everything from finance and marketing to business development and logistics. The valuation is viewed through the lens of an entrepreneur, not simply a careless consultant.


Our team focuses on sell-side M&A transactions. While many M&A firms provide a highly unequal, differentiated approach to capture business from multiple verticals, we believe that our team can provide the best value-added service, advice and guidance.


JH Business Advisors typically works on M&A projects in the Mid-Market space. We define middle market as a transaction purchase price ranging from $3 Million to $60 Million in value. Our advisors/brokers have sold hundreds of companies over the past 20 years, making them experts in the industry.

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