Do you have a support staff?

JH Business Advisors is a part of Sunbelt Network. Sunbelt Network, and more specifically Sunbelt Business Brokers is an established brand of offices, around the globe, who specialize in business sales. Because of this, JH Business Advisors has many resources at their fingertips, at any time. JH Business Advisors has a team of over 20 support staff members including but not limited to: Internal Attorneys, Tax Professionals, Due-Dilligence Experts, SCC Law and Regulation Specialists, Advertising/Direct-Mail & Marketing staff, Business Summary/Memorandum Writers & Editors, Franchise Sales Specialists, and a plethora of others, who will be your key during important times throughout the deal.

How do you get Paid?

Aside from our various valuation services, Our broker/advisors get paid on a success-fee basis only. Majority of all business brokers represent the seller under real estate law. They therefore owe the client a list of fiduciary responsibilities, spelled out in the commonly known “Duties Owed” form. In addition to duties owed to the client, per the duties owed, a business broker also holds relational and fiduciary responsibility to the transaction. Business brokers are your representatives. They can closely mimic the type of relationship you would want to have with your attorney.

Why not an attorney, to sell my business?

In the same way the client of an attorney would rely on the lawyer pre-trial and during trial, a business broker is to advise and prepare the client prior to listing the company, and coach the client during ever-important “trial-like” buyer-seller meetings. To sell a business in Las Vegas, you are required to hold two licenses. A NV Real estate license, and a separate license which allows you to sell businesses.

We typically find that most attorneys are not in the business to close a business, but in the business to protect their client in a way that nothing should arise. An attorney may advise their client not to sign a lease agreement on the business, if the landlord isn’t willing, for example, to remove a personal guarantee after 24 months of on-time payment. As a broker, having negotiated lease agreements and terms for the better part of 10 years, it is well-known that one would not typically find terms like this. That said, As your attorney – I may have advised you in the same manner as above example. Both individuals would be serving their client with fiduciary responsibility, and both would be seeking the client’s best interests. What’s important to know is that JH Business Advisors not only has in-house legal counsel, but we offer you the ability to view some of our closings, many of whom were likely your competitors. We truly believe our sale history speaks for itself.

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