There are some very successful brokers through the state of NV, and in neighboring states. That said, our philosophy is much different than most. We are very up front with our clients. We will not take a listing, simply to take it, and then talk the client down off the price a month later. Our in-house financial analysts have to be able to justify an asking price, for us to consider taking the listing. We truly feel that by listing a business far above market-value, we are not properly representing our clients. After-all, if the home next door to you is for sale for 250,000, and you believe your home is worth 550,000, it is imperative we properly value your property, so that we are able to justify and demonstrate its worth and in turn, sell your business.

We represent our clients, to the fullest. We hold this very near and dear. We update all clients, frequently, with a report on current interest and levels of interest, as well as aggressively seek a sale. Our Business Development experts are bar-none. We have systems in place, which allow us to track and follow up with each and every buyer who expresses interest on various opportunities with us. We send out email blasts, we make frequent phone calls, have a database of thousands and most importantly we know what it takes to sell a business! Many take the approach that if you properly market the business, on various websites, the buyers will come and the business will sell. We absolutely do not believe in this type of practice. Together, and alongside you, we will go after specific companies and/or individuals who we feel will be a good fit for your business.

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