JH Business Advisors is a part of Sunbelt Network. Sunbelt Network, and more specifically Sunbelt Business Brokers is an established brand of offices, around the globe, who specialize in business sales. Because of this, JH Business Advisors has many resources at their fingertips, at any time. JH Business Advisors has a team of over 20 support staff members including but not limited to: Internal Attorneys, Tax Professionals, Due-Dilligence Experts, SCC Law and Regulation Specialists, Advertising/Direct-Mail & Marketing staff, Business Summary/Memorandum Writers & Editors, Franchise Sales Specialists, and a plethora of others, who will be your key during important times throughout the deal.

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Jason Horwitz, CSBA
Certified Senior Business Analyst, Senior Broker

Jason Horwitz graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a B.A. in Communications, with an emphasis in Business Management. Throughout his schooling he was able to study abroad and develop essential Spanish speaking skills.  Mr. Horwitz has Public Relations experience and has helped local municipalities develop extensive PR programs. Mr. Horwitz holds both a real estate license and business broker permit/license, and has been selling business for the last 9 years.

Jason is married, and is a proud father to a two year old boy, Parker (My Wife really wanted this in here).

Mr. Horwitz has extensive education in Business Sales and has gone on to earn a “Certified Senior Business Analyst” designation from the Society of Business Analysts. Mr. Horwitz grew up in the Las Vegas area, and has established relationships with various notable figures within the community, and, is most recently a featured guest columnist for the Las Vegas Business Press, having written several articles which have been published, or are due for publishing, on various Business Sale topics.

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Mr. Horwitz has widespread franchise knowledge, and owned and operated several Tropical Smoothie Café restaurants in the valley, including the number one Café in the nation. This café went on to be the number one, highest recorded café sale in the brands resale history. A true expert in the business sales world, Mr. Horwitz has represented nearly every industry in the valley, with an unmatched sale history and track record.

Mr. Horwit’z business sales track record speaks for itself. He prides himself in proper representation, and truly believes he has yet to have a single dissatisfied client, which he had representation interests to.

Mr. Horwitz encourages business owners to interview others, and decide for themselves who is best suited.

If you are interested in selling your business, or looking at JH Business Advisors various opportunities, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are available around the clock, any day, and will get back to you by the days end.

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Jason Horwitz, CSBA
Certified Senior Business Analyst
Senior Broker

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Javier Dominguez
Lead Business Development Specialist

Mr. Dominguez has over ten years’ experience with business development and finance, and most recently headed a high-volume sales staff of over 30 employees. Mr Dominguez attended the University of Nevada, Reno, and has been a lifelong friend of Mr. Horwitz’s.

Mr. Dominguez is an intricate part of the JH Business Advisor Team. Mr. Dominguez heads business development for our team and uses a detailed tracking system, to track all buyer inquires. He is responsible for seeking a sale, for each and every listing we procure, but also gets in touch with all buyer prospects to determine their level of interest and what it is they’re looking for. Unlike other offices, we have a full time staff whose sole responsibility is to remain in contact with individuals looking to acquire a business. Because of this, we have buyers ready to go in nearly every industry and often times seek out businesses in those categories, to list their companies.

Feel free to contact Javier at any time, at 702.850.4698 or send him an email at  j.dominguez@jhbusinessadvisors.com.

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